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Get Started On Your Path To Recovery With A Free Consultation

Get a fast, free consultation from a licensed ATI provider and see immediate improvements. 

No Obligation

Get Actionable Tips

1-on-1 Screening

15-minute Session

Stop in — online or in-person — for a quick 15 minute consultation. Appointments available within 24 hours at a time convenient for you.

Work 1-on-1 with a licensed ATI provider who will assess your mobility and provide recommendations. 

Review problem areas and learn exercises to start seeing immediate improvements.

Schedule your free consultation with no obligation for additional physical therapy sessions. 

Hundreds Of Convenient Locations — Including Your Home

You deserve relief no matter where you are. Schedule an online consultation or visit us in-person at a location near you, and start seeing results today.

Schedule a quick 15-minute virtual appointment with an expert to assess movement and develop treatment tips. 

Online Sessions

  • Use CONNECT, our online telehealth platform, for a seamless, hassle-free experience
  • Use any web-enabled device, like your desktop or mobile phone
  • No app download required
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement
Schedule a free online appointment

Visit one of over 850+ ATI locations nationwide and meet in-person with a licensed ATI provider.

In-Person Visits

  • Attend an in-clinic session for a hands-on assessment 
  • Find a convenient location with work-friendly hours 
  • Get a quick consultation in a fun, supportive environment
Schedule an in-person consultation

Take advantage of a fast, free consultation and start your journey toward improved mobility today. 

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