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We strive for the best patient outcomes in the industry. To accomplish this, we focus on our mission: to elevate the patient-therapist connection. By limiting the number of patients our therapists see each day, they can spend more time building patient relationships that have a positive impact crucial to their recovery.

Fewer patients per day.    Quality connections.
Go home happier.


  • Mentorship program with onsite and CHT mentorship

  • 900 clinics across 24 states offering internal mobility

  • Leadership training programs

  • ATI Academy access to learning and growth modules


  • Competitive compensation package with incentive plan

  • 401K matching program

  • Customizable benefits, based on what works for you


  • Health, dental, and vision insurance options

  • Flexible PTO program

  • Sick time bank to use

  • Paid holidays

  • Work/Life balance

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Fewer patients per day.    Quality connections.    Go home happier.

Pintcast Episodes

In this episode, we’re diving into the heart of physical therapy leadership with ATI CEO Sharon Vitti. She shares insights straight from the top at ATI. Discover how ATI is not just navigating but leading the PT profession with a blend of innovation, commitment, and care that sets them apart. We also get to break news about iMSKA! The Institute for Musculoskeletal Advancement (iMSKA). It represents a commitment to advancing scientific MSK research while providing resources and opportunities for practicing professionals.  

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Dr. Chuck Thigpen, Senior Vice President for Clinical Excellence at ATI, as we talk about the pivotal role of physical therapy in healthcare. We explore the Department of Defense’s recent acknowledgment of physical therapists as primary care providers and what it means for the future of musculoskeletal (MSK) care. We had to start by congratulating Chuck on his recent induction into the Academy of Sports Physical Therapy Hall of Fame.

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APTA’s Drew Contreras has a really interesting vantage point in our profession. With a word like INNOVATION in his job title he pays attention to what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s about to happen.

You get the benefit of his insight in this episode LIVE from CSM


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A big point of focus for ATI's Cody Royer cutting through the clutter and removing administrative burden. This way his clinicians can focus on delivering high-quality patient care and less on the other stuff. Keys to cutting the clutter: You need to have the tools and resources necessary to deliver outstanding patient care. Leveraging technological advancements to streamline intake, paperwork and other non-care tasks out of the clinic. The ATI care model and clinical best practices are designed to ensure that you are able to practice at the top of your license.


Dr. Shanley and Dr. Pietrosimone share how they identified and approached solving the problem of the length of time that it took to get an injured athlete from injury to back to the field. They share the lessons from the ways that they went about it and how the role of relationships between physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapist played a major role in their solution. Listen to get inspired and see how ATI is paving the way for a brighter future in physical therapy.

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Jill Siriann is a physical therapist and clinic director, shares her personal story of hitting rock bottom with burnout during the pandemic.

She opens up about the immense pressure she felt, spreading herself too thin, and losing sight of her passion. She shares the turning point of realizing she still loved being a PT and working for ATI, so she dug deep to make changes.

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Raine Osborne is the author of a new paper on the subject of clinical job satisfaction and employee retention. He’s Joined by Tom Denninger from ATI and we got to talk about the research that shows the link between continuous learning, job satisfaction and employee retention.

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Barb shares her experiences juggling being a professor, journal editor-in-chief, and treating patients while finding joy in her students’ and former athletes’ successes. We discuss trends in the physical therapy field she’s noticed, including shifts in injury prevention language, new therapies like blood flow restriction, and global research development efforts. Barb also provides insight into the distinct yet complementary roles of athletic trainers and physical therapists.

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Tamara shares her career journey from clinician to HR leader at ATI Physical Therapy. She discusses what motivated her shift into leadership and people development, how she helps create a culture where clinicians can grow and find meaningful work, and why having former clinicians in leadership roles brings value to the organization. Tamara also provides suggestions on questions candidates should ask in interviews to get a feel for a company’s culture. 

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Dr. Stanley Paris has been a pioneering force in the physical therapy profession.   In this episode, powered by ATI Physical Therapy, he shares stories from his career including founding the Orthopaedic Academy, being the first physio at the 1960 Olympics, and pushing for specialization in PT.   We discuss building a strong foundation for the profession, avoiding burnout, and why he’s bullish on the future of PT as musculoskeletal experts.  

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How can building relationships between organizations have lead to stronger successes in the clinic and in the labs to advance MSK care? Our guests explain. 

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